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GITH Foundation

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Help Good In The Hood Foundation help a child in need.  Please donate school supplies during the cookout in Grant Park. Learn more


Co7 is dedicated to providing disadvantage youth with the resources and foundation that will help them transition from childhood to adulthood.

It was through this dedication we started GOOD IN THE HOOD. September 2010 Co7, LLC. set out to provide the youth with the tools to lay a basic foundation for success. This basic Foundation will empower them to become the architects of their own future. We are focused on outfitting the youth with the necessary supplies for school, like pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, erasers, binders, calculators and book bags. We also provide the basic hygienic & clothing necessities needed for school.

We host a GOOD IN THE HOOD “Back to School” free community block party. It takes place after BRONX DAY and is either held at the Thomasville or Rosel Fann Rec. centers. We provide free food for families, music, basketball and gymnastics. The children have a chance to interact with one another and learned how to work together through team organized activities. At the end of the event every child goes home with school supplies and feeling good about themselves.

Co7 is determine to see GOOD IN THE HOOD flourish into a fully functional non-profit organization. An organization that will continue to service the community through annual events for kids, providing free food, good music, activities, school supplies, gift cards for parents to ease the burden of shopping for school clothes, conducting mentoring classes (academically & socially), having a career day and coaching the boys and girls basketball teams.