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Download your BRONX DAY 2020 Vendor Information Packet
Download your BRONX DAY 2020 vendor application.

Interested in BRONX DAY 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities?
Please contact Marc Roberts at 404-661-1866

Licensed vendors here is a prime opportunity to expand your customer base and grow your business.
During the BRONX DAY 2020 Cookout there will be more than 20 booths available for rent to accomodate vendors. Take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your business to thousands of people in position to make purchasing decisions. In addition, 40% of the attendees are more inclined to do business with you in the future after making initial contact at BRONX DAY.

More than 5,000 African-American and Latino-Americans participated in BRONX DAY last year. 56% have attended 2 or more years. 32% attended for the first time in 2011 and plan to return for years to come. 12% have been attending BRONX DAY since it’s inception in 2006.

To further help you ensure your BRONX DAY vending experience for success, here are some statistics about the BRONX DAY attendees based on a survey after Bronx Day 2011:

  • 76% are females, 24% males
  • 20% are age 21-30
  • 48% are age 31-40
  • 30% are age 41-50
  • 2% are age 51+
  • 44% have a household income of $44K - $90K
  • 66% are married
  • 34% are divorced or single
  • 88% have children
  • 48% are college graduates
  • 31% have graduate degrees
  • 20% have a household income of $100K+

54% of BRONX DAY attendees are New Yorkers residing in the Atlanta area. Many of the remaining attendees travel from other major states throughout the eastern seaboard and southeast.

Download your BRONX DAY 2020 vendor application.